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Lookie its an update!!!

A week later and I finally get around to an update! Our vacation/family reunion was a BLAST! We stayed at Jellystone Park (with Yogi Bear!!) Mom, Jeff, April, Jeremy, Shawn, Keira and myself stayed in one cabin. My aunt, two cousins Brittany and Brandon (peakin in the picture below) and my Grandma stayed in the cabin next to us. We got there on Friday checked in and went to see the BRAND NEW facilities for party's. We were the very first to get to use them. Then we went on the train ride around the park and got to wake up Yogi. We went back to the cabins and had dinner and got things organized for the reunion on Sat. I wont go into that here in this blog, mostly people I haven't seen in at least 20 years so I knew NO ONE!
Sunday we went to church then to Katlyns (sp?) going away party then we headed to Grants Farm to see all the animals :o) It was HOT but so much fun to see all the animals and Keiras reaction to them all!!!
When we got back from Grants Farm we all went swimming, my daughter is now a PRO at jumping in the pool. ALL BY HERSELF! She finally got the hint it wasn't a good idea to do it without someone. Shes a daredevil just like me I love it and hate it at the same time!!!
Monday we went to 6 Flags. My favorite part was that Shawn got to spend time with Keira, she adores him BTW! It was so much fun! Last time I was at any type of theme park I was pregnant so I couldn't do anything but this time I went on EVERYTHING! I hated that Shawn had to leave Monday night and drive all the way home so late but I cherish every minute I had with him!