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A bad day turns worse, then a little ray of hope!

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. My head hurt from crying. (yes because of my camera) I went to work with all my gear,and at lunch I went to Wolf camera. No good news. The error that pops up is most commonly found after the camera has been dropped, it would be out for 4-7 weeks if I sent it of to be POSSIBLY fixed, and cost 3-5 HUNDRED dollars. I was advised to use an external flash at all times instead for the time being. Save money and buy a new camera.
My brother ~~~^^^^^^^ Thats him up there.
confessed to dropping it. That took a lot of courage to do, he could have lied but he didn't and I am SO very PROUD of him for that.

When I get home my computer is acting funny all the sudden everything is SUPER SIZED! So I run a system check ... nothing, defrag it ... nothing. I decided to give up and turn it off. After getting the youngin's fed and Keira in bed I try to turn it on again, to my horror it starts a PC RECOVERY. I couldn't stop it! All I could do was sit there and PRAY if nothing else it spares my pictures. Most of them I have no back up for. Like the two in this post.

Shawn's on the phone crossing his fingers, April is beside me watching everything crossing her fingers and I'm almost in tears.

My computer finally finishes and restarts ....... nothing ...... 5 min pass ....... nothing ........ finally it starts, EVERYTHING reverted back to the way it was when first installed. It was going through so many scans I couldn't get to my pictures. ..... When I could EVERYTHING was gone. EVERY LAST PICTURE! I started to cry. Then I noticed that some of the applications I had put on after were still there ........ PICASA! I opened it and it asked me if I wanted to scan the compute so I lost that glimmer of hope but did it anyway to get out of that screen .... all of the sudden THERE they are!!!!! PICASA found my pictures!!!!! I absolutely love Google! And an added bonus, my computers not f*ed anymore!!!! So my computer is fixed now its my cameras turn =[

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