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Alternate Zipper For Wallet Tutorial

Every measurement is the same EXCEPT the inner fabric and interfacing. ADD an INCH
Measure 1 1/2 inch from the top of your INTERFACING
Cut your fabric across here
line up right sides together and sew using 1/2 inch seam allowance and longest stitch possible(you will rip this out later)
This will make your zipper 1" from the top of the wallet and make your inner piece back to the 10" size like your outter fabric.
Press that sucker down GOOD!Pin your zipper directly on top of you seam
Sew your zipper in place. only on sides shown, you dont have to go all the way around this one
Rip out that seam we talked about earlier :o)

Continue to make the wallet the same way as before. JUST be sue to open your zipper when you stitch everything together or you wont be able to open it later LOL!

To me this is MUCH simpler than the other zipper! I think I like the look better too!


So I needed a wallet

....and others needed a tutorial, a reason to actually use this blog.
***Copyright Notice: this wallet pattern is for your personal use and enjoyment only. This pattern must not be reproduced in any other form or place or used for any activity or purpose whatsoever, either commercial or otherwise, without the written permisson of Barbara Atkinson (a.k.a. Babyangel) DO NOT use this to sell these wallets. I worked VERY hard to make this tutorial for PERSONAL USE ONLY!**

I posted this on craftster (best crafty website ever) and had some requests to do a tutorial. It might be long winded .... ha! If you have any questions the original thread is here. Ask away!
PLEASE read all the way through first.
Gather your materials...

~outer fabric 5x11 and interfacing 4x10
~inner fabric 5x11 and interfacing 4x10
~pocket 1 (at the very bottom) fabric 5x5 interfacing 4x5
~pocket 2 (in center section) fabric 5x4 interfacing 4x4
~pocket 3(in center section) fabric 5x4 interfacing 4x4
~fabric for zipper (optional) 5x5
~closure flap whatever size you want in fabric and interfacing
for this one I used a much smaller size than on the original (3" wide)
~closure of your choice, Velcro, snaps, buttons, magnetic
(although magnetic might mess up your credit cards)

I draw my pattern right on the interfacing the sizes above for the fabric have a 1/2" seam allowance

iron your interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. all pieces.

Fold your pockets in half length wise (right sides out)and PRESS

Stitch as close to the folded edge as you like to "finish" the edge and set aside till later.
The hardest part? The zipper, so lets get that done!

mark on the interfacing of the inner fabric where you want the zipper and how long Sew around that to reinforce, with a craft knife, rotary cutter etc cut a line in the center of your window and out toward the corners. Fold the fabric in and PRESS. Now stitch down your flaps as close to the edge as you can. Position your zipper and pin in place. Sew around as close to your last stitches as you can and be sure to reinforce the end of the zipper. Trim excess, flip over and breath! Its over!
(if this confuses you there is a tut on craftster for this no sure where though!)

position your pocket 1 where you want the top of it to be and pin to the right side of your inner fabric (again I drew all this on my interfacing) You do not have to stitch this down unless you want to do a basting stitch on the seam allowance to hold it better than pins. I forgot to take a pic of this but you can see it in the one of all the pockets a little farther down.

position pocket 2 (this is the back/top pocket in the center section) the same way but you will be sewing this one. Figure how deep you want the pocket to be and sew the BOTTOM all the way across to your inner fabric. Trim excess.For the 3rd pocket you need to figure out where you want the top to be, and fold up the bottom to how deep you want it. Sew this along the bottom but with the pocket going the wrong way. trim excess ( I like to zig zag stitch the extra down)

now fold your pocket up the right way and PRESS! Pin in place or you can baste stitch up the sides of your pockets now in the seam allowance.

All your pockets are now in place

Sew your closure flap by folding right sides together and sewing 3 sides. flip and press.

Mark where you want your closure device to go. Again I marked it on the interfacing. attach one part of device to outer fabric now. Your device should be in the middle section of the wallet.

line up your inner and outer fabric RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and pin into place.
IF you chose to use the pocket lining pin it WRONG SIDE UP over the zipper on the inner fabric.

Sew up three sided leaving the top (by the zipper open for flipping and adding the flap)
*HINT* You can sew right along the interfacing. The dimensions I gave you for it are the end measurements for the wallet.

Turn right side out and PRESS THAT SUCKER GOOD!

Fold your wallet and press the folds,

stitch across your folds, you need this most between the zipper and middle section to keep your things up top instead of falling to the bottom of the wallet. Take your top part and fold in and PRESS . Take your closure flap and place it in the top part and mark where your other part of your closure is going to go. Attach your closure and pin flap into place.

Starting in the corner stitch as close to the edge as you can around ALL sides backstitching at the corners and again where you started stitching.

BREATH again and enjoy your craftiness!!!

I hope this was easy enough to understand. If not just ask and I'll do my best to explain.

How did I do??



I have so much to update I know ... Ive been trapped on a website till all hours ... and NO its NOT MySpace!www.craftster.orgIm completly addicted. I haven't forgotten though!


Lookie its an update!!!

A week later and I finally get around to an update! Our vacation/family reunion was a BLAST! We stayed at Jellystone Park (with Yogi Bear!!) Mom, Jeff, April, Jeremy, Shawn, Keira and myself stayed in one cabin. My aunt, two cousins Brittany and Brandon (peakin in the picture below) and my Grandma stayed in the cabin next to us. We got there on Friday checked in and went to see the BRAND NEW facilities for party's. We were the very first to get to use them. Then we went on the train ride around the park and got to wake up Yogi. We went back to the cabins and had dinner and got things organized for the reunion on Sat. I wont go into that here in this blog, mostly people I haven't seen in at least 20 years so I knew NO ONE!
Sunday we went to church then to Katlyns (sp?) going away party then we headed to Grants Farm to see all the animals :o) It was HOT but so much fun to see all the animals and Keiras reaction to them all!!!
When we got back from Grants Farm we all went swimming, my daughter is now a PRO at jumping in the pool. ALL BY HERSELF! She finally got the hint it wasn't a good idea to do it without someone. Shes a daredevil just like me I love it and hate it at the same time!!!
Monday we went to 6 Flags. My favorite part was that Shawn got to spend time with Keira, she adores him BTW! It was so much fun! Last time I was at any type of theme park I was pregnant so I couldn't do anything but this time I went on EVERYTHING! I hated that Shawn had to leave Monday night and drive all the way home so late but I cherish every minute I had with him!


New Camera! 08.08.07

I wasn't expecting to get it today but it came, right after we sat down for dinner (figures) I unpackaged everything and could not be happier! I didnt play too much cause Im SUPER tired but I managed to snap a shot of my mom without her glasses when using the remote capture ... then aded makeup in PS. My moms such a good sport!


8.07.07 So Im a lil late

with good reason of course! Still busy getting ready
for our trip and working on this photoshop...
HA HA Yep ... thats me! On the cover of COSMO!!!



So much to do!

**************************I have so much to do right now I can't even think straight! Packing for myself and Keira for the trip this FRIDAY [SO EXCITED] And shipping pictures! Work is still slow. The day it starts to pick up I leave for a mini vaca!


Babygirl ...

Played around with my camera today to get the settings JUST right for the Family Reunion this weekend... Of course Keira is my favorite model ... and readily available =]