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A fresh sart

I figured what better day to start my new blog than the first day of my birth month. I've decided that this year I'm celebrating every day this month. AND I'm going to take a picture everyday (not that I don't already do this) to post. We'll see how well I keep it up. My first picture ....

I can't even begin to explain the idiots that work at the State Troopers office where I had to go to get my AL license. I have made a total of 4 trips to get this done each time told I needed something ELSE before I could get it. On the third trip I was sure I had EVERYTHING and I did just not the right birth certificate. I had to have a ORIGINAL ... WTF? The lady told me since I've waited I might as well get all the other stuff taken care of. So I did, gave all my info, took my picture (I looked cute that day too) etc... I was told all I would have to do is bring in an original birth certificate and I'd be done ...

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN it would not be that easy. After searching my mom and I found my ORIGINAL and a LEGAL (it even said it on there) copy- to be used for legal purposes. I head up there bright and early, not bothering with hair or make-up because they already have a GREAT picture stored. When I get there (30 min. before they open) 15 people were at the door already. So I get in line. When the doors open I wait my turn to get a number, I get to one of the lovely ladies and tell her what I need, "Oh honey this wont work it doesn't even have the state seal on it" WHAT? Yes it does, its just not GOLD, its a raised imprinted ORIGINAL birth certificate, and here is a LEGAL; even says it; copy. "I'll have to check with my supervisor, take a seat"
She continues with the 15 or so people who were behind me and I suddenly realize she never gave me a number!!! Uuuuggghhhh! She comes back from her supervisor and says "this will work" hands me a ticket, what do you know # 38. So now I'm last in line. After being there for about 1.5 hours I was pretty aggravated. I finally go in and sit down with a different lady. Give her the birth certificate ... "This WILL NOT WORK" -yeah she raised her voice. After a long battle about who told me what earlier things finally got settled. "Ok Miss go stand in front of the blue background ..." UH WHAT? You mean you can't use the picture you have on file like I was told you would do or I would have made myself a little more presentable? "NO! Your picture is taken EVERY time you come in here missy" ---------- Even more pissed I go to the backdrop and SMILE, I figured hell if I'm gonna look bad on this thing I'm at least gonna be smiling. Guess how long I stand there while she takes another customer who so rudely interrupts? 10 MINUTES! And this is what I get. A AL driver license that looks like; as my boss put it ... "one of those poor misfortunate girls who got mistaken for a crime and thrown in the slammer, has a few babies and deadbeat boyfriend at home in the trailer park they share with her ex-fiances brother and his dogs. Has her mug shot taken all the while thinking, when I get out I'm gonna kill you!"

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