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Bauer's Day Out

Bauer was ready to go as soon as he found out I was getting dressed and had finished my morning coffee (warm to the last drop with the help of a beautiful coffee cozie) he had already ruffled his feathers stitches and made himself home guarding the crafting cash stash in my purse.....

It was a kinda crummy day so all we did was go shopping. But boy did we get into some trouble!

Bauer decided he wanted to ride on the dash, I shouldn't have let him. Hes a total backseat dashboard driver!!!

We made it safe to our first stop. He was excited. The ladies working all adored him and wanted to know where to get one. I told them to become a Friend Of Craftster and join our next swap. If they were lucky enough they MIGHT get partnered up with kbauer Some of them were lost, so I gave them directions of course!!!

Its a good thing everyone there liked him. He seemed to be more attracted to the breakables, but I learned he can spell! Not only is he adorable; he's smart too! Why would anyone want glass alphabet balls? It reminded me of bingo.

After getting bored looking at pinewood derby car gear for my younger brother. Bauer ran off!!! I was a lil worried when I turned to see he was not with soccerangel either. But I had an idea of where to find him.... its all my fault really.......I should not have told him um-teen-million times last night how adorable he was........

He was promptly put back in my bag so he would stay out of trouble. The last thing I need is a broken mirror and 7 years ad luck..... so we headed to get goodies for soccerangels personal swap partner..... Suddenly it hit all of us WE WERE STARVING! Soccerangel suggested Bojangles so we headed out.

He told me he didn't like chicken so I told him it was chicken of the sea, hes so gullible! Ive never seen anyone drink so much sweet tea either! geesh!

We left there to get more supplies and some groceries for mom. WalMart it is. We nearly got kicked out when Bauer was caught guzzling coffee beans straight from the dispenser!
From WalMart we went to Hancock. Bauer stayed hidden in my purse the ladies in there are very bitter, I don't see how anyone can be unhappy around such beautiful fabric and supplies galore! I'm completely baffled, Bauer took a short nap while we found more goodies for soccerangels swap. Some new toys for my sewing machine too. As soon as we get back in the car Bauer woke up and decided he wanted to drive, Again, I did not think this was a good Idea but he promptly turned up my new Between The Trees CD and went to "White lines an Red Lights" so to drown out my cautious words. We made it home in record speed, he set the cruse but never did hit the brakes .... I'm surprised we're still alive.

Now that we are home I can work on mine and Bauers surprise and Soccerangel is working on her yummy goodies. Crafting never stops here!


soccer angel321 said...

that is toooooooo cute!
bauer is awesome!

daina said...

Cutest story every!

~Barbara said...

thanks guys! Bauer still resides in my car :o) He goes everywhere with me!